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Diving into 2016 !

As many of you know I love diving and have enjoyed taking many of you out to the reefs and wrecks that we enjoy here in the Salish Sea. Recent years have found us very busy however with other activities.

In 2015 I only did 40 dives myself and am finding I have too many other commitments to honestly make my self available to take out divers.

So as of January 1st 2016 I am sorry to report that I am taking a break from Dive Charters so I can focus on my own diving with friends, and meet the other pressing commitments on the table at the moment.

The Lambs are still operating Cedar Beach Ocean lodge and will be happy to hear from your for your vacation needs. email:

In the short term this site will continue to provide information about diving in this region including details of the Boeing 737 Artificial Reef.

 If you are looking for dive buddy give me a shout I am definitely interested in diving.

All the Best to you all and Happy Diving,   Peter.

A Northern Spearnose Poacher at Bare Point Dec. 6th 2015.

Northern Spearnose Poacher

Photo by Peter Luckham, The Divemaster