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Lets Go Diving !

As many of you know I love to go diving and I have many nice reefs including historic shipwrecks and the Boeing 737 artificial reef that I would like to share with you. We boast lots of great critters and some very cool topology. 

Due to the current state of the economy and lots of other activities that we are engaged in we have downsized our operation to the 17ft Fat Cat and limited our availability to mostly weekends.  I still take out individuals accompanying you as divemaster. I have never turned a diver away but it is best that you are an experienced diver particularly in cold water.

Advance bookings are absolutely necessary in order to schedule our availability and meet your expectations. Email me to find out about our availability as soon as possible, include dates that you would like to dive how many divers you are and your experience.

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Note: We do not rent equipment other than supply tanks and lead. I am sorry to say that we also do not provide tank filling for non-charter customers.

A good day to have been in Porlier Pass, January 1st 2015.

Giant Pacific Octopus scuba

Great Pacific Octopus hanging out on the reef. Photo by Peter Luckham, The Divemaster