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Goggle has changed how they support photo albums, slide shows and even youtube videos. I am moving and reorganizing media in order to provide a better gallery experience, this page is being updated

Check back later for a new update in the mean time this it.

Name or date of dive Thumb Photographer Name or date of dive Thumb Photographer Video links Date / Title Videographer
Sansum Narrows Irish Lord Dec 2012
49th Diver
Black Rock Sunstar Jan 2013
49th Diver
The Shipwreck of the SS Miami andy diving the Miami Jan 2011
basket star Ronda Furlan   Oct 2010
737 & Porlier
C. Fox
Norway Island 2010 MoonSnail 49thDiver North Secretary Island 2010 BloodStar 49thDiver   Oct 2010
Whale of a time
Thanksgiving 2009
Dive trip
RC Furlan Ronda Furlan Shipwrecks
kennys surprise Various   Aug 2010
Robert Kerr
Round Island    Sept 2009 Round Island Divemaster Survey dive at Ediz Hook
Port Angeles Sept 2009
kelp crab 49thDiver   Aug 2010
737 tour
2008 various cookie star Chamberlain Southy Point August 2009 Sea penn 49thDiver   Feb 2010
June & July 2009 Plumose anenome 49thDiver Swiss Team
Sept 2009
Team Swiss Daniel Schmid   Porlier Pass
49th diver
Alcala Point 2009 andy in the forest at alcala 49thDiver Salish Sea On the plane 49thDiver     
November 2008
Night dive on the Plane
night divers 49thDiver Crab Molt March 8th 2009 crab molt 49thDiver    
Canada Day 2008 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 49thDiver rockfish Sculpture
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Tess Vehrs-Brown    
March 1 & 2nd Porlier Dive Trip ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 49thDiver October 13th 2007 Stuart Channel Peter 49thDiver    
Night Dive October 11 2007 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Peter 49thDiver The Barb Roy Gallery 2006 ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Barb Roy    
Dive pictures when the plane was fresh ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Virdel Arial of 737 sink day ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Bolster,Ayers & friends    
The Morning of and Honour Guard ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Joker, Reeves Beach Views of 737 sink Day ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Gordon, Drew, Lightstone    

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