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"To seek out new sites, diverse life and cool topology.

To dive where no divers have gone before."

We live in a fantastic place and enjoy diving on a regular basis. Diving has been such a life transforming experience for us that we only want to dive more and we want to share it with others

Our mission is to seek out new quality dive sites, we scour the charts for potential locations and then dive them, some turn out to be duds and you won't find them on our lists unless it has some significant reason to be listed other than it's attractiveness as a dive site, logdump rock as an example. Some turn out to be real gems like our new feature dive active pinnacle.

 "If one dives and returns to the surface inarticulate with amazement… then he deserves to go again and again."                                                           William Beebe

"We intend to go again and again ........................"