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Created August 2017
Updated September 2018

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The WIKI page on the MAGNE CHARGE

The briefing :

J1773 standard, now virtually obsolete, produced and largely installed by GM for the EV1 1996 to 2002.

6KW charger, using a unique inductive paddle with wireless communication to the vehicle being charged.

Most of the personal charging stations are model TCG2000, I have only been able to find documentation for the WP7200 there are some similarities.

EV1 and RAV4 EV using the Magne Charger

Installation manual for model WP 7200 - http://www.evchargernews.com/miscfiles/gen2plus/gen%2520ii%2520installation.pdf

Owners manual for model WP 7200 - http://www.evchargernews.com/miscfiles/gm atv wm7200 owners manual.pdf


Disassembly of a Magne Charger revealed 4 things :

1- Someone was seriously concerned about people being electrocuted when charging there EV to have gone to this much trouble.

2- J1772 todays level II standard wins hands down, it's simple.

J1772 is cheap to build despite some charge station costs and no one has been electrocuted that I know of.

3- Not serviceable without schematics, semiconductors labeled with in house numbers.

4- Impressively built,solid enough to be hit by an out of control EV or an angry ICE driver tired of the price of gas.

Magnecharge Logo MagneCharge Toyota Label
Pictures from top left :
The main power charge board
IGBT pfd link
Diode Block pdf link
The control board
The wireless transciever