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Created August 2017
Updated September 2018


The Junsi X6 Charger from the RC world.

I highly recommend this charger for testing the RAV4 NIMH batteries or any batteries for that mater.

The nice thing about this charger is the Delta V detection, essential to determining if a battery is fully charged.

I recommend charging at 17 amps and discharging at 30 amps.

The trick is getting the 30 amp discharge to work. As you can see below I use a battery for a dummy load to discharge into. I usually use a power supply for charging

The pictures belwo and the X^ config file will help I hope to get your X6 to work. The info on the net seems to me to be not clear. Hope this helps.

Download my config file here

You need to copy the above file to a mini SD card as documented in save and upload in the Junsi manual. The path is Junsi > X6 > System

x6 30 amp connections