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The Thetis Island Nature Conservancy

Frequently asked Questions about the Proposed Nature Reserve Lower Burchell Hill

  1. Why this property? Why Now?

  1. Will Thetis Island residents be expected to come up with the full agreed price of $550,000 ?

  1. Is the trail up Burchell Hill located on the property we are hoping to acquire?

  1. Properties are over priced and not selling. Shouldn’t we wait until the there is a market adjustment?

  1. What if a more desirable piece of property like comes up for sale? Do you plan on acquiring more properties of ecological value if they come on the market?

  1. How much land does ThINC propose to put under conservation?

  1. Is this going to be a Park with picnic tables and camp grounds? What is the plan for its use?

  1. Will having a nature reserve increase traffic and visitors coming to the island?

  1. Who will own and maintain the nature reserve?

  1. When I come here all I see is “natural green space”. It doesn’t look like we need to worry too much about conservation. What difference is a nature reserve going to make?

  1. I take good care of my property and don’t intend to do anything that might be considered uncaring of the environment. I don’t want to be told what to do on my land. What are the objectives of this society?

  1. Will having a nature reserve near my property affect the value of my property and therefore my taxes? What are the long term consequences of this?

  1. What good is it to save one piece of property if all the rest of the island is permitted development often with disregard for the ecological impact?

  1. Why don’t we start by acquiring a smaller piece of property?