Fat Cat

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When I acquired this boat I put two 2001 50hp 4 strokes, these were really great runners, reliable, never missed a days work in about 8 years.

While trying to up[grade to two newer generation 50 or 60hp motors I upgraded to two 2008 75hp EFI 4 strokes, these were great motors, but were two heavy and a little too fuel hungry for me so I traded them for a single 2008 115hp EFI 4 stroke, this after some tweaking of the motor placement and trim was a really great motor with good fuel economy.

I finally found two new 2014 50HP high thrust motors and have been using them since. Terrific motors.

Fat Cat with two 50'sCira 2012
FatCat with two 75'sCirca 2014 Yamaha after market Parts

Yamaha Wiring Colour codes

50 HP 4 stroke

Cosmic Muffin A pretty cool idea, perhaps I could retrieve the 737 ?

External Oil filter : Sierra Fuel/Water Separator Sierra Part #18-7945
sierra fuel filter