Chemainus Remembers Lancaster Pilots.


Chemainus Remembers
Lancaster Pilots
O.P. Harold O. Rae +1944
O.P. Leslie E. Rae +1945
Lest we forget they gave all
Chemainus Legion Branch 191

The Rae and Curtis Families of Vancouver Island have approached us to ask if the Aircraft site might be used as a memorial for the lost sons of Elmer & Olive Rae formally of Chemainus.

We are very honored and are working with the Chemainus Legion branch 191 to fulfill this wish on behalf of the family.

A colour party and honour guard will be held on the ferry at the sink site and a plaque as above will be placed on the aircraft prior to sinking. January 14th, this special sailing of the Thetis Kuper ferry will be loading between 11:00 for a 11:30 departure.

The Rae family owned the Gas Station and General Store that is now know as "Mc Brides" in Chemainus between 1935 and 1937.  Elmer and Olive had three sons, two signed up in Edmonton at the outbreak of war and were sent over seas to fly the Avro Lancaster in the service of the RCAF.

Tragically both sons lost there lives in action.

We will be posting more details and photos as they become available.

Jim Curtis is the Family contact if you know anything about the Rae family or the squardon that could be added to the history of the young Chemainus Men it would be most helpful.

He can be contacted at 1-250-335-0865 he and his wife are in Fanny Bay

The Lancaster memorial and Museum click here

The following from the Lancaster museum

The Canadian Contribution

Three thousand miles across a hunted ocean they came, wearing on the shoulder of their tunics the treasured name, "Canada," telling the world their origin. Young men and women they were, some still in their teens, fashioned by their Maker to love, not to kill, but proud and earnest in their mission to stand, and if it had to be, to die, for their country and for freedom.

One day, when the history of the twentieth century is finally written, it will be recorded that when human society stood at the crossroads and civilization itself was under siege, the Royal Canadian Air Force was there to fill the breach and help give humanity the victory. And all those who had a part in it will have left to posterity a legacy of honour, of courage, and of valour that time can never despoil.

-from a speech by Father J.P. Lardie, Chaplain 419, 428 Squadron
at the dedication of the RCAF Memorial at Middleton St. George,
15 June, 1985