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What you need and where to get it.

This is Cold Water Diving, Eh

You will need at a minimum a 7mm wetsuit, jacket and John with Hood, Gloves and Boots all in 7mm.

A Dry suit is most suitable for multiple dives in any given day.

In addition to your thermal protection you will a BCD, Reg set, mask Snorkel, Fins and Lead.

We can supply you with lead and full tanks.

We do not rent gear, we do have a limited supply of spares for emergencies.

You can rent gear at the following locations

Victoria Beyond deep diving
click to go to there site
Contact: Michelle Hospedales
Beyond Deep Diving
T: 250-475-2202
click to go to there site
Contact: Ed at Sundown
T: 250 - 753 - 1880
Cowichan Bay
click to go to there site
Contact: Terry at Pacific Water Sports
T: 250 - 746 - 6669

 We highly recommend test fitting all your gear prior to renting, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your dive gear,


If you have an option to rent gear from your local dive center before visiting us this will give you a chance to test fit in advance and build your working relationship with your local dive center. Let them know that your diving with us.           Cheers !