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Grumman Snoopy Patch
The Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation was filed as a business in New York on December 5th 1929, and opened its doors for business on 2 January 1930. Leroy R. Grumman, along with his partners: Leon A. Swirbul, E. Clint Towl, William T. Schwendler, and Ed Poor are considered the founders of the company. Grumman, Swirbul, and Schwendler all worked for the Loening Aircraft Engineering Corporation in New York City. When the Keystone Aircraft Corp. bought Loening, they moved it to Pennsylvania. Rather than leave their native New York, Grumman and his partners started their own company in a small abandoned auto garage in Baldwin, Long Island.

The Apollo LM or Lunar Module was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon. The Apollo lunar module was developed by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. (now Northrop Grumman). The LM's main functions were to carry two astronauts from lunar orbit to the moon's surface, and then return them to lunar orbit to rendezvous and dock with the Apollo command-service modules. On the surface, the LM served as a shelter and base of operations as the astronauts carried out their exploration and experiments. On July 20, 1969, the LM "Eagle" touched down on the moon, becoming the first piloted spacecraft to land on a celestial body other than Earth. Thirteen lunar modules were built and six landed on the moon.