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The Kubvan DIY Repair Tips



  1- Lubrication & Maintenance

   2- Brakes & Wheels

   3- Suspension & Steering

   4- Fuel & Exhaust Systems

   5- Engine & Clutch

   6- Electrical System

   7-Body and Interior

   8-Manual Transmission

   9- Automatic Transmission

 10- Engine Testing & Diagnostics


I am try updating this site as sleep, work, diving and vehicle maintenance permit. Any stories, suggestions, part numbers, pictures or information regarding  the Kubvan and VW diesel engines are welcome. Send me your pictures and serial numbers or post them on the Forum.



I have been maintaining this site for 21 years, if you can donate to help out it helps me justify working on it more.  With THANKS

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The Grumman Olson Kubvan.

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Kubvan Service Manual




The operators manual


Kubvan Map


Serial number data

  If you have info photos or service articles you would like to contribute you can contact me by PM on the forum or email me as below.    

"letsdive" at "divemaster" dot "ca"


In the mean time happy truckin, be safe and have fun.                                                    Peter