These are Parts that I have found and used or have on good advice from Vehicle owners.

Sorry this page is a bit cut and paste, I just add things as I find them, and hope to clean it up when I find time.

Fuel Filter      # Purolator F50375   Avoid the factory Jetta filters they are expensive
Front shock inserts
1983 rabbit :
Left side rack & pinion mounts  Part number 22-2303-6 or factory number 171-419-88
Rear brake pistons  Part number references are 331-611-053, 6NO-611-053, & 331-611-051A
  BECK ARNLEY 072-8176 Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder
Fuel filters:   Bosch 1457434106 or VW 068 127 177B
Headlight Pots VW part number 175-941-007. This is the same part on VW Rabbit, & Pickup 1979 thru 1984
Brake lines  
Door handles  
Windshield Wiper Blades # Trico 61-160 or Trico 61-180 

Length varies according to personal preference for sweep and coverage

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